Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tragic Fire

On October 30, a fire burned through a breeder barn at the farm. 11,000 ducks tragically perished. Thankfully, no humans were hurt.

Of course, several animal rights organizations have released propaganda questioning the conditions at the farm, criticising the amount of ducks housed in the building. Michael Ginor refuted this claim on another blog. Here's the real story:

"As a co-owner and co-founder of Hudson Valley Foie Gras I would like to thank Mr. Ruhlman for his well wishes and for placing his sympathy with the ducks, where they belong. We are very saddened by the fact that birds, that we so carefully and attentively care for, perished in this fire. These ducks were in a carefully maintained breeding barn and not a "storage facility" as has been somehow misreported. This was a relatively large barn, approximately 60,000 square feet in size. A "factory farming" type of operation would squeeze 40,000 ducks into such a space. "Humane" growing guidelines suggest 3 square feet per duck, allowing for about 20,000 ducks in such a coop. Hudson Valley utilized the space for 11,000 ducks allowing about twice the suggested space per bird. I am profoundly confused by the allegation of any inhumanity involved with this unfortunate event or the suggestion that these ducks were unkindly treated in any way."

In spite of what might seem like a monumental monetary loss, it appears that HVFG's business and products will remain unaffected by the fire. The farm has always worked toward ensuring a continued supply of eggs and is switching to alternative suppliers that are already in place.

While the cause of the fire is still under investigation by the State of New York, HVFG has no reason to suspect arson.

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